For all the BOOK NERDS!!!!!!

Hello World March 3, 2009

Filed under: Other — book nerd @ 11:29 pm

Hey people of the earth and planet Jumarke, I am the ultimate book nerd. I have read many awesome books like the Twilight series (cheer!), The Ink Heart trilogy (cheer!), and right now I am finishing up Maximum Ride(cheer!).  I have also read other books like the Tale of Desperaux, now a motion picture, and Wolf Rider, and Dizzy, and Elvis and Olive, and THe Host, and The Keys To The Golden Firebird, and I could keep going and going, but you get the picture. Now I am introducing myself to the public. You guys are awesome. Hopefully you share the love of books like me. And I hope that you enjoy this site.

-Book NERD



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