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Twilight News!!!! New Moon March 6, 2009

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Hey Twilighters, you know that New Moon is coming to theaters in November right?  Well Who is playing the Volturi!!!!!???????? I mean, seriously who can pull off being gorgeous and totally evil at the same time??? <sigh> Sometimes I wish that the real Volturi could show themselves to the acting industry… but then again the filming crew would never see the light of day again!!!! LOL, sorry not funny. Oh who am I kidding? It is soooooooooo funny, well to those of us that actually get it! So anyway, rumor has it that Dakota Fanning is playing Jane. I know, I know… the little girl from so many kind and gentle movie is playing rock hard, mind controlling, Vampire Jane!!!! I mean has our world been turned upside-down??? Well actually she was completely awesome in Push. In that movie she could see the future, like Alice, and she kicked butt!!! So if the rumor is true, she would actually be a good choice. I mean all actors grow up sometime. What better way than to play a roll as a “blood-sucking” vampire!  Also a rumor has gone around about Johnny  Depp playing Aro. Yes. I agree, NOT TRUE!!!!! I mean he is good in the funnies. Sure he played Edward Scissorhands, but even then he was funny. Plus he had that Jasper look going on.  Then again, his last film was Sweeny Todd and man was he creepy. He might pull it off. But I highly doubt that the rumors are true. I just can’t imagine him playing Aro. I was thinking more along the lines of… well I think an unknown actor should play Aro. You know, a new face… to be completely afraid of and will give you chills when you see him. Wouldn’t you agree? Well thats all I have to say.  And if you have any criticism about what I have to say, I DON’T CARE!!! I’m just a critic! Alright then, bye.




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