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Thwonk March 13, 2009

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Ok so you’re probably going, “What the heck is Thwonk!?” Well thwonk is a weird love story about this girl, A.J. and she finds this cupid statue. She wants to be a photographer and wants to take a picture of it. To her surprise the statue is actually a cupid. She then takes this chance to make the guy she likes to fall in love with her, but through the mixture of it all, it turns into this weird love triangle and she finds out who she really is in love with and who she is not. With the magic of cupid! I really recommend this book for those book lovers who want a comedy and a little romance. You know the ones that make you go HUh? HAHA! Hmmm… OH! WHAT!? NO!!! OK….OH YES!!! AWE.. good book. I’ll read it again! Yeah… one of those books. So it is by Joan Bauer, who is an awesome love story writer, and the different covers are at the bottom. All right that is my recommendation this month… but you could save it for Valentines or if your in a relationship or if you just got out of a relationship… I mostly recommend it to girls because guys don;t really like LOVE stories. I got one for the guys tomorrow. All right bye!




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