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Acceleration March 14, 2009

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Hey people of earth who love reading and have internet access, This is a book that is guaranteed to blow your mind. Acceleration is about this guy who works in this lost and found and he finds this notebook that a sick and twisted guy left behind on the subway. As he continues reading he not only finds that this guy kills and tortures animals but those animals were only tests. His real victims were humans. The main character goes on a search for this guy and  tell someone about him before he kills his next victim, but will that victim be him? Anyway it’s a really awesome book and I recommend it to guys mostly but us girls can read it too. It is horrifying. It’s author is Graham McNamee and he puts so much detail into this psychopathic horror that its almost ready to be the FIRST good horror movie that comes out. Well check it out for yourselves. Bye! P.S. the cover is at the bottom.




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