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Twilight News!!!!!-Walmart mistake March 15, 2009

Filed under: Twilight Series — book nerd @ 4:09 pm

Hey people, it turns out that my reliable resource was wrong. He was just doing a joke on me! 😦 so don’t go to Walmart on tuesday!!!!!




4 Responses to “Twilight News!!!!!-Walmart mistake”

  1. Tionna Knight Says:

    Omg!!!!!Edward is so hot!!!! I would slay him every day!!!

    • askmib Says:

      I agree,Tionna, but Robert Pattinson I don’t like. I mean he is a great actor but in real life not so much. Plus have you seen the previews for his new movie, Little Ashes?! Well whatever you think matters, you don’t have to take my opinion.

  2. brooke Says:

    if u are talking about edward u are a lier that is a good movie and edward is hot and rocks

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