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Maximum Ride News!!!!FIFTH BOOK March 24, 2009

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Hello Maximum Ride Fans

I found out that he did come out with a fifth book! Many people did not know about it. It came out like a few days ago and I didn’t even know. I thought I would let the public know. So it is called MAX  and this is supposed to be the last book.<tear> Now thanx for reading. PEACE!




5 Responses to “Maximum Ride News!!!!FIFTH BOOK”

  1. book nerd Says:

    ok I knew that check the dates on my posts k.I wrote that a LONG time ago

  2. CJ Says:

    no i heard he’s coming out with another book called Fang. Actually, it’s already out. That’s probably going to be the last book

  3. kay kay Says:

    Max is not going to be the last book more are coming the next is going to be called Fang and will be relesed on march 15 0r 17 (i dont remember) of 2010! 🙂

  4. tiger1 Says:

    the next book is fang so max cant be the last one!!!

  5. kortney Says:

    hey sorry to tell you this cuz it might not make u look all that god but u r worng about that being the last book i hear that they are making a new one called FANG it is the second book n the MAX book siries but it is still part of the maximum ride books i loke them i have an entire folder of pics devoted to max and tthe rest of the flock including total for those of you who cant seem to under stand that he is part of the flock now! any way i have read all of the books like 27 times each i like worshup them in my mind they are tottaly and utterlessly real i love them if you go on to you tube and type maxim um ride trailer (fall 2010) you will see the awsome movie trailer for the best movie ever if there is no mess ups in the fillming or character choices the movie should be comming out in 2010 or 2011 i cant wait but at the same time i can because whan i read a book i picture every deatail of the story and the characters it my head and so when i go to see a movie and the characters arnt as i pictured they start to seem less real like the twilight movie for example i had the characters all made out in my head and i go to see the movie book in hand and all by the time i wallked out of the theater i had decided on 3 things i was never going to see a movie made from a book again, the movie sucked it wasnt any thing like the books wich were soooo much better but in compairoson to the maximum ride books twilight was a pice of crap! and at last the maximum ride book series are and forever will be my favorite book sires
    my parting words: I LOVE MAXIMUM RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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