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Twilight News!!!!! EMMETT- KELLAN April 17, 2009

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Hey all you Twilight/Kellan/Emmett fans!!! I have this website to share with you. It is about this website that talks about Emmett, Kellan and all other things twilighty.  Its called and it was created by one of my friends and she goes by emmettgrl. So I encourage you to sign up


PS Come on who wouldn’t want to talk about this hunk!



Maximum Ride News!!!!! Fang and Max Pics April 14, 2009

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Hey, some of the stuff I say is pretty boring, so here are some Fang and Max Pics that I thought were pretty cool and some, Pretty sexy!!!

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Maximum Ride News!!!!-FANG-JACKSON RATHBONE April 1, 2009

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Ok,maximum ride fans, so the movie Maximum Ride is not coming out for a while, but many people want the guy who played Jasper in Twilight to play Fang!!!!!!!! I think that he would be a good fang, I mean look at these photos:


I know that the first one is kind of creepy, but Fang is a little creepy too!!!! I think that he would be a good Fang. I don’t however think that Ellen Page is the best one to play Max.