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Maximum Ride News!!!!! Fang and Max Pics April 14, 2009

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Hey, some of the stuff I say is pretty boring, so here are some Fang and Max Pics that I thought were pretty cool and some, Pretty sexy!!!

150  ma





4 Responses to “Maximum Ride News!!!!! Fang and Max Pics”

  1. jamie Says:

    i dislike the pics, cuz they aren’t real, but that’s just my opinion.

    • book nerd Says:

      well Jamie, Fang and Max aren’t real… they are just characters in a book, but they mean a lot to people and those people drew what they saw the characters as in those books, and I believe that it gives people a different perspective on who Fang and Max are and their relationship with one another. So even when the movie comes out people won’t see Max and Fang as those actors but the characters in their own minds. Thank you for your comment but i was only trying to get a different perspective.


      • kiki Says:

        i agree with book nerd…. i will always see fang as a spunk even if he was played by the uglyest guy in the world. but i do love the pikks!! they are sooo cute!

  2. i Says:

    i agree with book nerd, and awesome pics i<3 iggy and fang

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