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Harry Potter News!!!! -biggest fan ever July 8, 2009

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Hey guys I think I have found the biggest harry potter fan ever! Her name is Dana Noel she is originally from Reno,Nevada but moved to Texas  4 years ago. she is a very good friend of mine but one of the biggest harry potter fans ever. Ok lets start with the basics she has posters and all the books.


HarryPotter_poster       Harry Potter Auction


4champions hp4withchamps 

Now she has much more posters than these but I only put a few to leave space about what else she has. She has Harry’s firebolt and the golden snitch hanging on some wire on her sealing…


she has a hogwarts robe, Harry’s glasses, Hermione’s time turner (from Harry Potter 2)…

robeHP glassestime turner

… a mini replica of Fluffy (Harry Potter and the  Sorcerer’s Stone), the sorcerer’s stone, Harry’s wand…

fluffyreplica                  sstone                 hpwand

The box the REAL Moody was kept inside(Harry Potter 4), A Wizard Chess Chess board with pieces (Harry Potter 1)…

moody's box                  wizard chess

and the sorting hat


Thats all I know that she has right now but she also has the Harry Potter movies, games, dolls and a lot more. She is one of my best friends but also a harry potter super freak/nerd. Well thats all I have to report. Until next time, from your book loving friend…



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    HEHE thats my post

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