For all the BOOK NERDS!!!!!!

Ink Heart News!!! Ugh, the movie March 5, 2009

Hello Ink Heart LUVERS. So anyway, How was the movie? I already know the answer…Horrible! I mean they didn’t follow the book! It was mostly Wizard of Oz crap. I mean sure it was a good movie, but come on! When did Cornilia Funk step in and say the scene should go like this!? I mean I loved the books. Stick to what was already on paper and stop making up your own stories Hollywood.  Well don’t take my word for it. If you havn’t seen the movie, read the book first! If you’ve read the book, DON’T see The movie!!! It would ruin all your hopes that you had while reading the book. I mean don’t take my word for it, go out there if you dare. Well bye.