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Maximum Ride News November 4, 2009

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Ok sooo a lot of you Are maximum Ride fans and sooooo Im putting out a poll to see who you like better! Fang or Iggy who is your Flying Mutant Bird kid love!!!!???? I wanna know and the one who wins will get the hottest picture on my next post! SOOOOOOO VOTE! Voting will last till november 30th.


Maximum Ride News!!!!! Fang and Max Pics April 14, 2009

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Hey, some of the stuff I say is pretty boring, so here are some Fang and Max Pics that I thought were pretty cool and some, Pretty sexy!!!

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Maximum Ride News!!!!-FANG-JACKSON RATHBONE April 1, 2009

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Ok,maximum ride fans, so the movie Maximum Ride is not coming out for a while, but many people want the guy who played Jasper in Twilight to play Fang!!!!!!!! I think that he would be a good fang, I mean look at these photos:


I know that the first one is kind of creepy, but Fang is a little creepy too!!!! I think that he would be a good Fang. I don’t however think that Ellen Page is the best one to play Max.



Twilight News and Maximum Ride News!!!! March 22, 2009

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Ok so all of you have voted( hopefully) and now this site is strictly just Twilight and Maximum Ride Gossip, News, and just stuff we the people find interesting. So I hope you like my new style and read some of my new pages that will be coming up soon!And all my other posts will be deleted in 48 hours besides Twilght stuff and Maximum Ride stuff so take a look at them before they all get deleted and if you change your mind on the voting thing just comment. Oh and a shout out to my BFF, Laura, READ THE REST OF THE TWILIGHT SERIES!!!!!!! Love ya hun. TTLS



Maximum Ride News!!! Awesome Fake Trailer March 7, 2009

 Hey guys. Well you know that Maximum ride is coming to theaters in 2010, right? well this guy made a FAKE  trailer that is really cool!It almost looks real, but he just added his own animation with a few twists, but it’s still pretty awesome! I hope that they use a bit of this guy’s imagery in the movie. Alright well take a look and I’ll catch up with you later. Bye.



Maximum Ride News!!!! Fang’s view March 5, 2009

Hello Fans of Maximum Ride. Ok so I am reading the last book of Maximum Ride and I started thinking, What the heck is Fang thinking? So then an Idea popped into my head. What if James Patterson did the whole series over in Fang’s perspective? I told my Maximum Ride buddy the idea and she went star crazy. If you think this is a good idea please write me back. If you don’t, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!??????? So anyway send me your comments and I’ll comment back. Well Peace!


P.S. Who thinks they’ll ever become Mrs. Fang?