For all the BOOK NERDS!!!!!!

Stupid Questions—- April 14, 2009

Here are some stupid questions

If you cut off a fly’s wings, is it called a walk?

Isn’t it a little unnerving that docters call what they do a practice?

Why does your nose run and your feet smell?

Why is a W called a double U when it looks like a double V?

How are you grounded when you live on the second floor?

Why does our big toe look like our thumb?

Why DID the chicken cross the road?

Why are turtles called slow pokes when they’re not poking anyone?

Why is hell in front of o in hello?

Why are southern folks called red necks, when they don’t have red necks?

How come there are no hollow weenies on halloween?

what does the d stand for in Sunny D?

How come not all sixteen year olds smell sweet?

How can chicken fingers exist if chickens only have wings?

Why do I ask all these stupid questions?

Why does no one answer?

Why do I post stupid questions?

Why are you reading these stupid questions?

Are you stupid if you ask stupid questions or are the questions asked stupid?

How can a question be stupid if it doesn’t have a brain?

Do you know any of the answers to the stupid questions?

Are the answers to stupid questions stupid?



One Response to “Stupid Questions—-”

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    I write books. =D

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    (Shall be checking more often. =D=D=D)

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