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TWILIGHT NEWS!!!!!! -NEW MOON June 6, 2009

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Ok so most of u have probably seen the sneak preview below but if  u wish to watch it again or if you still havn’t seen it then WATCH IT NOW!!! here it is:

There are two things i liked about that trailer

1.) I got to see Jasper go crazy

2.) I got to see Taylor/Jacob’s EIGHT PACK!!!!!!!!

But there were some things I was concerned about. You see, if you’ve read the book, SAM saves bella from Laurent not JACOB and yet she is screaming jacobs name while Laurent is trying to kill her. And another thing, Bella didn’t know Jacob was a Warewolf, if you will, until AFTER the attack from Laurent, in fact, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY after that. Well that is all I have to report on. See ya!



2 Responses to “TWILIGHT NEWS!!!!!! -NEW MOON”

  1. ashley Says:

    those were two different scenes in the trailer where there is laurant and the part where bella screams jacobs name. if you look carefully she is wearing two different outfits in the scene. some people are saying that the part where bella screams jacobs name is either the part where paul goes crazy or the dream she has with edward and jacob

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