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Maximum Ride News!!!!FIFTH BOOK March 24, 2009

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Hello Maximum Ride Fans

I found out that he did come out with a fifth book! Many people did not know about it. It came out like a few days ago and I didn’t even know. I thought I would let the public know. So it is called MAX  and this is supposed to be the last book.<tear> Now thanx for reading. PEACE!




Twilight News!!!!Jacob March 23, 2009

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Ok so you’ve all seen Twilight, right???? So anyway I’ve been thinking about jacob’s hair. So I hated it at first and then at the end of the movie when he’s wearing a tie and nice white shirt the hair just flowed. So I would like you to vote on wether jacob looks better with long or short hair. Oh and to vote you just have to click on the comment box. BYE!



Short                                                                                                                                                  Long


Twilight News and Maximum Ride News!!!! March 22, 2009

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Ok so all of you have voted( hopefully) and now this site is strictly just Twilight and Maximum Ride Gossip, News, and just stuff we the people find interesting. So I hope you like my new style and read some of my new pages that will be coming up soon!And all my other posts will be deleted in 48 hours besides Twilght stuff and Maximum Ride stuff so take a look at them before they all get deleted and if you change your mind on the voting thing just comment. Oh and a shout out to my BFF, Laura, READ THE REST OF THE TWILIGHT SERIES!!!!!!! Love ya hun. TTLS



Twilight News!!!!! Breaking Dawn Trailer March 20, 2009

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Ok obviously this is a fake. I was just scanning some twilight gossip, when I came across this fake trailer. I just thought that I would you know check it out. I looked at it and it is AWESOME!!! This person did a really great job with the editing and he used some clips from other movies, but more or less, he made it flow. All twilighters will appreciate this trailer. PS Dont scream!!!! JK




BookNERD News…

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Ok, I’ve noticed that most of you bloggers have just been looking at the twilight stuff. Now I would like you to vote wether I should just write about twilight or just keep doing what I’m doing all ready. So in the comments put your vote and why.



Twilight News!!!!! DVD release March 19, 2009

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Hey Twilighters,

It is finally here!!!!! The movie is out on DVD!!!! It goes on sale at midnight-o-one for 17 dollars!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) BUT you should know, if you haven’t seen the previews, that the two disc comes out on Saturday and for those of us who LOVE the back stage stuff(cough, Edward) then I seriously recommend the Two-Disc edition. BUT it costs more. Probably twenty or so dollars, but when it comes to passionate vampire love, money is no problem! Well, see u all at the midnight release of TWILIGHT!!!!! 



PS: Who do you think would make an AWESOME Aro?(Think carefully)


Twilight News!!!!!-Walmart mistake March 15, 2009

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Hey people, it turns out that my reliable resource was wrong. He was just doing a joke on me! 😦 so don’t go to Walmart on tuesday!!!!!