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House of Night (Introduction) October 27, 2009

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Hey peoples, Heres another series I highly recommend, but be warned it is not a series for children. I just recently started reading these books because my friends pressured me into it. You See Zoey Redbird is MARKED (marked is the first book) and is to become a vampire. She has no choice but to go to the house of night, a school for vampires, otherwise her body will reject the change and she will die. But as a vampire she is very different, for she has a colored in mark and only a full vampire can have one, now she has to face the villian and maybe she could use help from her new vamp friends. Now I highly recommend reading it and trying to get the film world to make them into movies, course they’d probably be R rated. So those who are mature enough to handle it, I say READ IT!!!!



Rosario and Vampire (INTRODUCTION) October 3, 2009

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Ok so you are probably thinking, what the hell is Rosario and VAmpire. Well this one is for the anime and manga lovers as well as people in the dark. Ok so yes Rosario and Vampire is a show but is adapted to manga ( a sort of japaneses comic book. But its awesome and I think it deserves some credit on my blog. Now here is a video of the first episode of the series. And if you like it leave a comment or If i can work the polls VOTE! Ok well here you go..